In January 2019, our second collaboration with Ilya Varegin and his fashion brand Infundibulum happened. This time we shoot a project for his FW2020 collection, Fair.
Photoshoot's collaborative moodboard on Pinterest contains 193 images!
Ilya and I decided to make it a story of five otherworldly creatures, who sneaked into our world and are now trying to blend in human’s daily routine… poorly.
We needed the masks!
The visual style came from vintage photographs of criminals. Back in the days, out of economy a detained criminal was photographed twice (full body frame and close up) — on the same sheet of film.
We ran tests using 4×5 film sheets and a Sinar F3 camera. The concept worked!
Production crew
Masks: Ilya Varegin, Svetlana Vorontsova
Shoes & accessories: Drasvi Venn
Props: Elena Agafonova, Alexey Chugunny
Engineering Director: Timur Ivanov
Producer: Anna Bednieri
BTS-videographer: Elina Wexler
Model: Evgeni Zamyatin
With help of Elena Tash

A very special thanks to Elena Agafonova for her amazing Z1121 space
Impeccable film development and scanning services: DPArtphoto lab