Divo means marvel. It is also the name of Infundibulum's SS2020 collection and the title of the fashion film I shot to promote it.
It is the story of the myth creation. Meeting something unknown, unfamiliar, something that does not fit into previous experience, causes confusion and the need for explanation.
In the world of the Russian village the mythological worldview is still alive although the inhabitants of this world are disappearing. In their eyes all new and unusual turns into a marvel. And what is ordinary for them becomes a marvel for us.
Shortlist + public screenings in Harrod's (London)
Official programm
We went deep into the Ryazan region, to the village of Izhevskoe — once the richest village of the Russian Empire. Over the XX century the population of Izhevskoe steadily declined. Now there are many abandoned and dilapidated houses in these places. The village disappears, but the myth remains.
Production crew
Camera: Nikita Goryachkin, Andrew Kovalev
Editing: Andrew Kovalev
Sound design: Olya Lopina feat. Sophie Petkevich and Johann Nikadimus
Technical director: Timur Ivanov
Producers: Anna Bednieri, Polina Efremenko, Kristina Kryzhanovskaya
Director's assistants: Kristina Kryzhanovskaya, Svetlana Pavlova
BTS-videographer: Elina Wexler
Models: Evgeni Zamyatin, Evgeny Pogonin, Ilia Kuznetsov, Johann Nikadimus, Vladimir Tilinin
Shoes & accessories: Drasvi Venn

Thanks to Elen Panteleeva and Elizaveta Sokolova for their invaluable input
Special thanks to Evgeny Pogonin and his horse riding camp in Meshchera Lowlands